Venetian Memories

The island of Burano

A favourite book on Venice. It is VENEZIA IN CUCINA – Edited by Cinzia Armanini and Alberta Magris.

Illustrated throughout by a tremendous range of photos by Laurent Grrandadam, it would already be worth a look, but there is much more.

Just the constant flow of ideas, including those by popular Burano restaurants Da Romano and Gatto Nero who also submit original as well as useful recepies.

Da Romano inspired the late Anthony Bourdain – Celebrity-Chef / food critic/broadcaster – who considered their rice preparations to be simply the “ finest in existence “. They also keep a collection of works by local artists , as well as an appreciative note from steady visitor Ernest Hemingway in the late 1950’s.

Gatto Nero offer an even wider range of flavours by the irrepressible Ruggero, among them the recepie for “Sea Bass in tomatoes and white wine”.

But of course there is much more…

It is a book for everyone, but “ insiders “ , familiar with the food preparation ideas in Venice will enjoy it even more , both for the elegant publication as well as the intriguing presentation



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2 responses to “Venetian Memories


    Hi Andrezj …. You should do more of these blogs …hope you are well ….  On my way to Zambia … let’s call before year’s end … cheers … Alain

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  2. Claudio Mollo Sorrento

    Ciao Andrew How life runs? I do remember Venice in those days people enjoyed eating, today they taste only, tourist world is becoming magic. My best to you all. Claudio Mollo

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